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【VitaPro 15 premix】


  ---VitaPro 15 premix contains 13 essential vitamins , 3 essential amino acids and 2 probiotics to improve the production performance of pigs by anti-stress.

【Features and Benefits】

  ---Good stability and long shelf life due to specific package design.
  ---Excellent solubility to convenient medication.

【Target animals】



  ---Reduce the stress response and improve the immunity.
  ---For the treatment and control of gut disorder
  ---For preventing or controlling diarrhea.
  ---Improve digestion and absorption.

【Dosage and administration】

  ---It should be fed continuously at a rate of 1-2Kg/ton feed for 7-15 days, or 0.5Kg/ton in drinking water.


  15kg/drum, or according to the requirement of customers

We have ability to provide complete DMF and PMF files for any market registration. Our files  meet  the requirements of FDA and EGMP.