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By constructing a comprehensive value chain from R&D to manufacture of APIs and preparations, HVSEN Biotech is one of the TOP 10 animal health enterprises in China, and now has 4 factories, 2 R&D centers and 6 BUs.  HVSEN is committed to supply safety and innovative products and solutions to domestic & aboard markets.


1994---Brand Veterinary Medicine Retail Chain

2002---Establish Wuhan HVSEN Biotechnology Co., ltd

2007---Establish Wuhan Xinhuaxing Animal Health Chain Service Co., Ltd

2009---Acquisition of Spn Animal Pharmaceutical

2009---Establish Hubei HVSEN Biotechnology Co., ltd

2015---Comprehensive preparations and important production lines were put into operation

2017--- Hubei HVSEN Biotechnology Co., ltd. Expand Production

2018---Building Intelligent Plant

2020--- The 1000 tons of Tylosin tartrate project was put into operation

2020---Listed in the public company in Aug.2020


HVSEN is focusing on the innovation of novel macrolides APIs and preparations, with 42 patents and 3 certificated novel APIs. It has been famous of tylvalosin raw material, various tylvalosin preparations, florfenicol preparations and other macrolides products in the market. Presently HVSEN has the capability of producing more than 50 veterinary drug products of raw materials & preparations, also  some traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) extractives.

Purification patent of Tylvalosin tartrateSeed strain patent of Tylvalosin tartrateA premix for inhibition of reproduction of PRRSPreparation method of Tilmicosin pelletEnrofloxacin injection patentPreparation method of Long-term Ceftiofur hydrochloride injectionPreparation method of Danofloxacin mesylate pelletValnemulin hydrochloride premix patentPatent of Compound pre-mixed feed for swineLong-term Cefquinome sulfate injection patentSynthetic method of TulathromycinEnrofloxacin injection patentChemical synthesis method of Cefquinome sulfate