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R&D Platforms

HVSEN R & D platforms include a veterinary drug engineering technology research center and a swine diseases research institute. This complete research system has a strong team and advanced research facilities, resulting in a lot of excellent research achievements.

Veterinary Drug Engineering Technology Research Center

Veterinary Drug Engineering Technology Research Center has six institutes : API research institute, Pharmaceutical preparations instituteMicrobiology instituteTraditional Chinese veterinary medicine institute , Drug quality analysis institute and Clinical Research Institute . Now there are 87 research fellows in HVSEN R & D team, including nine Ph. Ds and Seven senior technical personnel. At present, the company has obtained 35 patents, including 28 invention patents; it has obtained three second-class new veterinary drug certificates and two third-class new veterinary drug certificates; A total of 45 projects are under research. The company's scientific research platform has undertaken projects such as the National Key R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Innovation Fund, and the National Key Scientific Research and Development Program. Now HVSEN R&D is focusing on the development of new antibiotics, long-acting preparations and traditional Chinese medicine research.

HVSEN Research Institute of swine Diseases

HVSEN Research Institute of Swine Diseases is focusing on swine diseases research involving fundamental and field aspects. It consists of four departments: Research Center, Diagnostic Center, Technical Service and Training Department and International Cooperation Department. The relative study areas include development of early diagnosis technology of important swine diseases, the epidemiology research, the rapid diagnosis for field complex infections, and reasonable solutions. Meanwhile, The Institute trains our team and customs with the cooperation with international scientists.